Tech 21 Boost DLA Tap Tempo Delay





  • With Tap Tempo, Triplets and Trails, you can go to the edge of sanity or completely off the wall.
  • Individual footswitch dedicated solely for Tap Tempo function avoids confusion during your performance. It gives you the ability to set it, even when it’s off, which aids coordination with your drummer.
  • Triplets works in conjunction with the Tap Tempo. Engaged, it shifts the timing so triplets play in sync with the actual tempo.
  • Trails works in conjunction with bypass and allows the natural decay of the delay signal rather than cutting it off abruptly.
  • Feedback control has greater sensitivity and can be thrown into a state of self-oscillation. It’s great for gigs when the Klingons are in town.














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Super clean condition. Works and sounds perfect..