Smith / Mosrite Mel-o-bar 10 String Slide Guitar





  • 1960’s 10 String Model

  • Sunburst Finish

  • Neck set at a 45 degree angle for upright playing

  • Mosrite pickups

  • 1 volume knob, 1 tone knob 3 way pickup selector switch

  • Chrome control plate

  • Slotted headstock













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This model was one of the prototypes of the Melobar PowerSlide played by such artist as David Lindley, Ron Woods, Rusty Young, Roy Clark, and Steve Fishell. It is also known that Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones got a hold of one and loaned it to Jimmy Page just before he died. This was also the model Jefferson Airplane used on the Crown of Creation Album. This instrument was designed by the late Walt Smith [ 1920-1990 ]. In the 1960’s Walt had Semie Moseley of Mosrite make some guitars for him. The exact number of guitars produced is unknown. Many of the original models were scrapped . A limited few were placed in storage for further experimentation and development. After Walt’s death in 1990, his personal experimental storage warehouse was cleared out. The entire series was almost destroyed. Fortunately collectors saved just over 80 units, most of which didn’t see the light of day in over 20 years. These instruments can be authenticated by the angle on the head of the guitar, the Mosrite of California name and trademark on the pickups, the red Smith Melobar guitar emblem on the headstock, white pickguard, chrome control panels, and “Pacman” style letters on the fretbaord.
This example is a very rare instrument and is one of the first 12 made. It is a 10 string model that is currently setup as a 6 string. [ you could re-slot the nut and bridge to go 10 string again if you desire ] Great investment instrument and a lot of fun to play. Super nice condition. Includes original hard shell case.