Fender Wayne Kramer Signature Flag Stratocaster





  • 2011 MIM Model

  • Body material: Alder

  • Neck: Maple, "C" shape

  • Fretboard: Rosewood

  • Pickups: Vintage-style single-coil Strat bridge pickup

  • Seymuor Duncan humbucking pickup (middle)

  • Vintage-style single-coil Strat neck pickup

  • Pickup switching: 5-Position blade

  • Tuning keys: Vintage "F"-style tuning machines

  • Bridge: American Vintage Strat strings-through-body hardtail bridge

  • Pickguard: 1-ply Blue/White Stars Graphic

  • Unique Features: Original Wayne Kramer Flag paint, custom Stars & Stripes, headstock/pickguard, red stripes on body, Seymour Duncan '59, middle pickup, relice'd to match the original Wayne Kramer guitar,













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This is a 2011 model Fender Wayne Kramer [ MC5 ] Signature Strat. This is a very cool guitar with some interesting features. It has an American Flag “Stars and Stripes” relic paint job, 2 vintage style single coil pickups and a Seymour Duncan in the middle position. I can’t think of any other Fender guitars to feature this exact pickup combination. It gives you classic Strat bridge and neck position tone, and with the addition of the humbucker in the middle position, offers some very unique and great sounding tones that are unavailable on other Strats. It is also a fixed bridge “hard tail” guitar which greatly increases sustain while offering better tuning stability. Condition is outstanding. [ it is a 2011 model ] Includes a free gig bag.