JHS Superbolt




The JHS Superbolt captures the extraordinary tone, character and drive of the classic 1960s-era Supro amps, the sound of rock and roll as heard on the first couple of Led Zeppelin and Stray Cats albums. Three simple controls recreate the simplicity of the original amps. The Drive control works exactly like the volume knob on the Supro, turn it up and it gets louder and dirtier, the Volume control works like a master volume, allowing the Superbolt to create that beautifully dirty overdriven sound at any level, while the tone control rolls back the treble to reveal the dark, well-defined mass of sound behind the brilliance. A two-way toggle gives you a range of rich high gain or clean low gain operation, both with an open, full sound that responds to the volume settings on your guitar and to the touch of your hand on the strings. The Superbolt is wired for true bypass and runs on a standard 9vDC power supply, but converts that, internally, to an 18vDC for greater headroom, definition and sonic character that sets it apart in a world full of great overdrives. [ power supply not included ]













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Excellent condition. Works and sounds perfect.