Lovepedal Amp Eleven




The Lovepedal Amp 11 goes one step further than a standard overdrive pedal with a custom tailored boost circuit for getting to the next level. The boost is a modified COT 50 circuit that Lovepedal has voiced specifically to stack with this overdrive. Kicking in the Amp Eleven's boost will fill out the upper mids and take the overdrive from singing to screaming, adding even more harmonics and allowing for anything from a bright, percussive lead tone to a moody woman tone with sustain that guitarists can only dream about. Even with Sean's history of building world class pedals, the Lovepedal Amp 11 rises to a new plateau in today's saturated (pun intended) overdrive market. This pedal stands out from the crowd and will surely take it's place in the overdrive hall of fame as a must have classic. The Lovpedal Amp Eleven is destined to lead way and let the others follow.













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Excellent condition. Works and sounds perfect. [ velcro on bottom ]