Teisco ET-200





  • 1960's Vintage MIJ Model

  • Sunburst finish

  • Tulip Body Style

  • Bolt on neck

  • Metal control plate / pickguard

  • 2 pickups

  • One volume, One Tone, On / Off for each pickup

  • Tremolo whammy bar













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This is an unusual variant of the Teisco ET-200. A little different cosmetically than most of these you see. The pickups in this example sound really great. Very primal, raw, blues / garage tone. These old Teisco guitars are great because even though they are primitive / cheap / and weird, they have a really interesting character that you just can't get with anything else. As for condition, its from the 60s and has been played. Plenty of play wear. Like many of these, the Teisco sticker is missing, no biggie. Awesome cool Japaneses vintage for low dollars. Includes a beat chip board case. [ bridge may be changed ]