LovePedal Vibronaut Photocell Vibe




With real photocell vibe circuitry and some extra controls that really let you dial in your sound; the Vibronaut is certainly a vibe pedal worthy of a space on your pedalboard.

Real Photocell Circuitry!

If you look back at some of the best vibe pedals ever created you will see that nearly all of them use photocell vibe circuitry and this is for a very good reason. Photocells are the only way you can accurately get the traditional vibe tone with an analogue circuit. That is exactly what you get with this compact pedal so you know when you plug this in you will be getting some of the best vibe sounds around.

More Controls

While most vibe pedals will just give you the standard depth, level and speed controls needed to control the sound. The Vibronaut has added control thanks to its new Hi and Low controls that let you dial in the tonality of the effect. The high control acts as a cut so I can bring back that sometimes harsh high end while the low control is a boost for when you want a bit of extra punch.


  • DEPTH Control
  • SPEED Control
  • LOW END Control
  • HI END Control
  • LEVEL Control
  • 9VDC Input Jack
  • True Bypass / Flashing LED Status / SPEED Control













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Excellent condition, works and sounds perfect.