MG Alien Booster




MG Alien Booster:
MG's famous treble booster just got even better with the addition of a 3-way tone selector switch, and a Tone control! These controls along with the Gain knob take you to Clapton on the "Beano" album, Brian May, Tony Iommi, Marc Bolan and others! Very simple to use! It's got a vintage Philips OC44 germanium in it, exactly what you used to find on the old Dallas Rangemasters. Sounds amazing with a small tube amp, or a big one! 

Each Alien Booster pedal is hand-made in Brazil by MG and features: 

  • Hand-finished Case
  • Alpha Pots
  • True Bypass Switching
  • LED Indicator
  • AC Adapter Jack (standard 9v negative-center - adapter not included)
  • Metal Film Caps
  • Switchcraft jacks













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Some wear on the bottom, otherwise excellent. Works and sounds great.
Sells for $265 new. Buy used, save $100