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ToneConcepts The Distillery:
Thank you for your interest in ToneConcepts The Distillery, the Swiss-Army knife of tone! The Distillery was created by ToneConcepts in collaboration with some of the world's most influential guitarists. The Distillery is a tone connoisseur's dream. As a transparent preamp, the Distillery provides up to 20dB of pure volume boost, as well as sophisticated tone-shaping options to consistently bring out your best sound night after night. The aluminum casing and industrial-strength switches and knobs will withstand years of rigorous touring. And of course, it's true-bypass so it disappears from the signal chain when inactive. 

The Distillery was designed to help gigging and recording guitarists in several ways:

  • Many players love the natural overdriven sound of their tube amp but need to quickly switch between clean and dirty tones. With 20dB of boost at your feet, The Distillery easily pushes your amp into sustain heaven. (Go cat, go!)
  • Tired of switching guitars between songs or taking your guitar to the shop to swap pickups? We are too. With its unique tone circuit, The Distillery can give your humbuckers a singlecoil edge and your single coils some humbucker body & punch.
  • It is particularly effective in the studio and can deliver a wide palette of usable tones!
Power Requirements:
The pedal can be powered by a 9V battery or 9V DC regulated power supply, center pin negative, as supplied by most standard pedal power supplies. To avoid damage to the pedal, do not exceed 9V DC.













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Excellent condition. Works and sounds great.