T Rex Whirly Verb




REVERB & MODULATION Reverb pedals either try to emulate the sound of a room by mimicking the way sound bounces off the walls floor and ceiling, or they mimic classic effects like the spring reverb that try to recreate the sound of different rooms. Whirly Verb doesn’t emulate just any room – or even different types of rooms. This amazing revere from Denmark’s T-Rex Effects was dreamed up to recreate the most beautiful room in the world.

REVERB TO DIE FOR Whirly Verb starts with most gorgeous revere sound you’ll ever hear for a guitar. You can adjust the amount of revere and the decay time – but no matter how you set it, it just sounds warm, rich and delicate. And sin’t that the way it should be? If you want to put your guitar in an emulated room, for heaven’s sake, put it in a room that makes your guitar sound divine!

A STRANGER KIND OF BEAUTY You might want to sound like you’re playing in the halls of heaven most of the time, but what about those days (or songs) where you’d rather sound slightly less angelic? Whirly Verb’s MODULATION function lets you take that perfect revere and thicken, twist and turn it to sound like something strange is going on... Combined with the REVERB and DECAY controls, MODULATION offers you a world of strange revere sounds that will inspire your creativity and fascinate your audiences.














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Excellent condition. Works and sounds perfect.