Fender "CUSTOM UPGRADED" 72 Telecaster Custom Road Worn






    Body Authentic Fender 72 Telecaster Custom Reissue Road Worn Body in Sunburst finish 

    Neck Authentic Fender 72 Telecaster Custom Reissue. Serial number removed from the back of the headstock [ partial refinish ] so that it looks like an original vintage guitar. 9.5" re-radius fretboard. Fender F tuners. Expert refret with 6105 frets. Plays amazing !!! 

    Neck Plate Fender F Plate with pro engraved early 70’s era serial number 

    Pickups Neck pickup is a Telenator CuNifer / Alnico Hybrid wide range humbucker. This pickup cost $325 alone. It sounds crazy great. Bridge pickup is a BG1400 Custom Shop Seymour Duncan.

    Electronics CTS Pots / 1 meg neck, 250 k bridge / Emerson Tone caps

    Hardware Lightly aged hardware and knobs / Brass bridge saddles













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This is a heavily customized 72 Telecaster Custom. All of the work was professionally done. It is a one of kind, professional grade instrument. If you want something light years beyond the playability and tone of a reissue and don't want to spend big bucks on an original 70's Telecaster Custom, I can say without a doubt that you will not find a better alternative. I will even go as far as to say that it is a much better instrument than most of the original Vintage Telecaster Customs I have played. This is truly a fantastic instrument on every level. There are a lot of small details, expensive upgrades, and specially selected parts that went into making this guitar what it is. It is a one of kind guitar that any musician would feel proud to own. Plays and sounds absolutely wonderful. Beautiful instrument. Please view the full upgrade details at the top right of this page. Includes an after market form fit hard shell case.