MXR Distortion Plus M-104




This little yellow box is responsible for those great distortion sounds heard on so many classic recordings. Set the Distortion control low and crank the Output knob to drive the front end of your amp for cool blues tones, or max out the Distortion knob for the tone that made Randy Rhoads famous. There still isn't any distortion unit on the market that sounds like the Distortion+.

Classic Distortion tone at your fingertips!! The MXR Distortion Plus was developed as an alternative means to a high gain tone, and received as a breath of fresh air from guitarists around the globe. The MXR Distortion Plus uses classic germanium diode clipping to achieve it's tone, and whether you're going for sizzling riffs, hot licks or screamin' leads, the MXR Distortion Plus has been proven a tonal workhorse for decades. Bring your tone back to the future.













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Excellent condition. Works and sounds perfect.