Ramble FX Marvel Drive “Silver” #6 of 15




From the KRRR-ANG of the high strings to the growl of the low strings, Marvel Drive delivers all of the tone that made the Marshall ™ Plexi Legendary 
Topped with a genuine plexi faceplate, the Marvel Drive uses 4 separate JFET gain stages to create the ultimate in touch sensative, dynamic distortion. Each stage contributes to the harmonics and distortion in much the same way each tube does in an amplifier.
A well known secret to great tone out of the vintage, 4 input Marshall™ amps is to use a patch cable to connect 2 of the inputs together. When this is done, the HIGH TREBLE and the NORMAL volumes can be blended together for the perfect crunchy combination.
That is what Marvel Drive recreates. Marvel Drive uses 2 JFET gain stages in parallel, one with a bright and throaty scream, and one that brings the thump of a full stack. This configuration delivers a powerful way to get the perfect setting.
Switchcraft jacks, quiet and bulletproof relay based true bypass, NOS Fairchild JFETs, metallized polyester film capacitors, Alpha potentiometers, powder coated aluminum enclosure.













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Limited run “Silver” #6 of 15. Excellent condition, works and sounds perfect.