Fulltone Deja Vibe MDV-1 Black




The MDV Mini DejaVibe from Fulltone gives you the vintage experience of a '60s Univibe-you can't get more accurate than exact. The Mini DejaVibe delivers that dripping Phase-Chorused tone, the very same effect that made Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun" so epic. The Fulltone pedal comes in a beautiful vintage Cream color with maroon lettering on a sturdy 16-gauge steel housing that measures only 4" x 5-3/4". Now it's tiny enough to fit on the most cluttered pedalboard, and because of the mini-DV's unique voltage doubling circuit, you can use any standard 18V adapter (one is included), and inside the MDV pedal the power is ramped up to the original Univibe's 18+ volts DC. The mini-DejaVibe chorus pedal also has a mini-toggle switch to choose between Vintage and Modern settings, allowing for warm original Vintage '60s Univibe grind and louder, with more output (Modern setting).


    Product Features
  • An exact copy of a vintage 1960s Univibe
  • Classic retro looks
  • Delivers classic phase-chorus tone
  • Glass-covered, hermetically sealed photocell
  • Includes 18V power supply unit
  • Modern and Vintage modes
  • Vibrato/Chorus Switch
  • Volume, Intensity and Speed knobs















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Excellent condition, works and sounds perfect.