Jetter Gain Stage Red




The best way to describe the Gain Stage Red.....its like adding a boutique amp overdrive channel to your rig. If your looking for a professional level OD pedal that is smooth and articulate, then you need to check out the Gain Stage Red!!

The Gain Stage Red is a very easy pedal to dial in. There really aren't any tricks--almost any combination of settings will yield usable tones!

  • Gain: Sets the overall amount of overdrive. The Gain Stage Red might best be thought of as a medium output overdrive. This characterization is a bit deceptive however! What the Gain Stage Red DOESN"T do at higher gain settings is square-wave. What does this mean? Simply put, the Gain Stage Red never gets into the territory of fuzz-like qualities. It remains warm and natural sounding, never brash or harsh.

  • Tone: The tone control was designed to not have an extreme swing. The goal was to a have a very well centered tone control specifically voiced for controling the all important midrange frequencies. At the fully counter clockwise setting, the tone is mellow and smokey. At the full clockwise setting it is agressive but not brittle and piercing.

  • Hard/Soft Switches: This switch operates somewhat as a presence boost with a slight increase in overdrive. The overall response and feel of the pedal is determined in large part by this switch. Much can be accomplished with this simple control. It is particularly useful in a live setting where you might want that "little extra" to cut through the mix.














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Excellent condition, works and sounds perfect.
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