Lovepedal Believe Octave Up Custom "Deep Purple"




Octave planet [ Believe ] is a very warm, octave up, low gain, Ring Modulator. Ring Mod sounds are available when playing chords or open strings with this unit. There are so many good sounds you can squeeze outta this baby it must be played to Believe. 

Some of the best tones in this box come from running it IN FRONT of an overdrive instead of after a drive unit. Heavier tones become present with it after an Overdrive or Fuzz.


If you are familiar with this pedal, you will note that these have the input and output jacks on the top of the pedal. What a terrible design. This one has been professionally re-housed in a new custom case with the jacks on the sides, deep purple emblem, and purple LED. No battery, must be used with a standard Boss style power supply. [ not included ] So much better this way.













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Excellent condition, works and sounds perfect.