Big Knob NYC 81



Big Knob describes as

In the early days of Big Knob pedals, we'd often repair and mod muff pedals sent in to us by customers. When we received our first Version 6 we were blown away! Manufactured just a short time between 1981-82, this version is also referred to as "Circuit 3034". More wild and raw-sounding than modern NYC muffs, we knew there was some special mojo about this particular model and now its circuit has been 100% faithfully recreated to add to the Big Knob line of classic muffs.
NYC Version 6 features:
 A unique raw-sounding fuzz perfect for garage and alt-blues rock
 Controls for Volume, Tone and Fuzz
 Fully hand-wired analog circuitry
 Compact MXR-sized enclosure 
 True bypass 3PDT switching
 Bright indicator LED
 Accepts standard 9V pedal adaptor
 9V DC battery clip included














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Works and sounds perfect. Excellent condition. Velcro on bottom.