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Retro Channel Fuzz:
The Retro Channel Fuzz was developed using Retro Channel's proprietary chip set. The Fuzz delivers 60s and 70s Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck tones that will blow your mind. What is the difference between the Retro Channel fuzz and others? The Retro Fuzz circuit will not be affected by TIME, or TEMPERATURE. 

Retro-Channel's Lance Keltner:
"10 years ago I was on tour with a repro MK2 fuzz. The fuzz had all the new old stock parts and sounded like a million bucks at rehearsals in Austin. It got bumped around in shipping on the way to Europe, went from 60 degrees, to 20 below, and by the time I got it to sound check the first night it sounded terrible. In fact, it never sounded the same again. I was determined at that moment that I would someday have a fuzz that would not be affected by these issues and that would sound the SAME day in and day out regardless of the handling of the unit, or the weather conditions. We have nailed it... This fuzz delivers the feel and the tone, it cleans up with your volume knob and your pick attack and we guarantee that it will perform consistently for the life of the end user. Each one of our Retro Fuzz units is built by hand in the USA. I hope that you enjoy the Retro Fuzz as much as I do." 













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Excellent condition. Works and sounds perfect.