Hylonome Klone

From the maker,

The Hylonome Klone is a clone of the Klon Centaur circuit slimmed down into a standard size enclosure without completely rearranging the PCB layout. The original Klon Centaur is unnecessarily large for an overdrive pedal, and the PCB is particularly wide. I decided to tackle the challenge of shrinking the Centaur while staying as true as possible to the Klon aesthetic both outside and inside. The first thing to take on was making the original Centaur PCB fit inside a more pedalboard friendly enclosure. The enclosure is a standard 1590BB (about 12cm x 9.5cm). I was able to move the important solder pads on the side of the PCB that has the Gain pot's daughter-board and instead run wires to the pot. The second challenge was choosing components. I wanted to avoid any NOS parts in order to keep the Hylonome well under $200. It's just a reality that fancier parts means it costs quite a bit more to build. Many of the components that were used in the Centaur are no longer in production and hard to come by. While I have a small stock of those NOS parts, they won't last forever. Instead, I've sought out components of the same value and dielectric type that are currently in production. I particularly wanted to avoid ceramic capacitors, since the Centaur didn't use any. This is not a horrible thing, but we want to be anal-retentive about accuracy with a circuit as revered as the Klon, right? The Hylonome has all film and electrolytic capacitors in the same spots as the Centaur, no ceramic. The clipping diodes are socketed in case you'd like to experiment with other kinds. It comes with 1N270s and they have a dollop of hot glue securing them so they don't work their way out of the socket during shipping or gigging.

Klon clone. Works and sounds perfect. Excellent condition. No box.


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