JHS Twin Twelve

1963 Silvertone Model 1484 "Twin Twelve" Tone Simulator Pedal

The JHS Twin Twelve Pedal is essentially the coveted tone of the 1963 Silvertone® Model 1484 "Twin Twelve" amplifier in a box. The Silvertone "Twin Twelve" Amplifier made it's debut in the Sears catalog in 1963, but was quickly discontinued in 1967, never really gaining it's fame until after its time. Artists such as Beck, Death Cab For Cutie, The White Stripes/Jack White, and even the more recently Vampire Weekend and Coldplay have discovered the tone of the "Twin Twelve" Amp and have brought it to the stage. Due to its limited production however, it has become increasingly difficult to acquire one of these amps unless you happen to know someone with a time machine. This is where JHS has filled the gap!

The JHS Twin Twelve Pedal uses discrete transistor stages in place of the tubes found in the original amp, and has an internal voltage doubler (converting the 9V input to 18V operation) to help give this pedal the weight, punch, power, dynamic range of a tube driven amp. Each pedal is hand tuned to sound as close to the original "Twin Twelve" amplifier as possible.

The Twin Twelve Pedal features four controls: Volume, Bass, Treble and Drive. While the original Model 1484 only has Volume, Bass and Treble, JHS felt that for the purposes of the pedal adding the Drive control was a necessary upgrade for the functionality of this pedal. The Volume control of the pedal acts like the master volume control of an amplifier letting you tame the overdriven tone or increase the volume of the clean tone. The Drive Control acts more like the volume knob on the amplifier, the more your crank it up the more overdriven and gainy your tone will be. What is nice about this and what differs from the original amp, is now you can get a great overdriven tone without going deaf in smaller spaces. The Bass and Treble tone controls are essentially the exact same tone stack that you would find in the Model 1484, with only minor changes to make them work more efficiently in a pedal. One of the improvements is in the Bass control, the values have been changed slightly to give you a full range of bass adjustment. With the Bass and Treble controls set to 12 O'Clock, the tone stack has the same classic tone of the original "Twin Twelve" amp with plenty of wiggle room for adjustments.

The Twin Twelve pedal can be used as an "always-on" preamp, an enhancer for your current rig, or as a powerful solo booster. The Twin Twelve also does great job at amp-like overdrive tones, treble boosting, edge of fuzz overdrive, and more.

Works and sounds perfect. Excellent condition showing normal play wear.


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