Vertex Effects Michael Landau Arion Chorus SCH-1

The Vertex "Landau Mod" Arion Stereo Chorus 
recreates the unique sound of the SCH-1 Mike Landau has been using for over 20 years.
Originally a factory defect, Landau's Arion Chorus has an altered mid-range and low-end tone, 
and the interaction between the Depth and Tone controls is modified.
It also uses the same, unusual, rare opamp found in Landau's chorus.

-True Bypass
-Mono and Stereo Operation
-Identical to Mike Landau's #1 Chorus pedal
-Added Vibrato Voicing (Alters Speed and Depth knobs, for more warble and low end)
-Upgraded aesthetics
-Runs on 9v DC/Battery

If you've always wondered how Landau got 
that Fantastic, Warbling Chorus tone out of a plain old Arion Chorus,
it's because it wasn't a plain old Arion chorus.
If you've always envied that tone, now, it's yours.


Works and sounds perfect. Excellent condition. No box.


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