1950’s Model

Cherry Sunburst Finish

Two Blade Pickups

Two Volume Knobs, Two Tone Knobs, Three Way Pickup Selector

Trapeze Style Tailpiece

Huge 50’s Neck Profile

Silvertone Jimmy Reed Thin Twin
Super cool 1950’s Sillvertone Jimmy Reed Thin Twin. This model has become increasingly difficult to find and when you do see them they are usually priced well over a thousand dollars making it pretty much out of reach for most players. This example has a lot of wear and some changes, but it sounds great and is affordable. The good news, this guitar has a GIANT HUGE NECK. For you players who want the biggest neck, this is the neck. Big, round, and super chunky. It has its original blade pickups which sound amazing. Great for primal blues or early Rock N Roll. It has had a neck set at one time. [ Set screw and glued ] This is a good thing as most of these that don’t have a neck set need one. It has a crazy homemade bridge and oversize output jack plate. I haven’t checked but I am sure the output jack plate is covering a repair of some sort. The “D” and “G” tuners are slightly bent but still work fine. All of the important parts are original such as the pickups and original cherry sunburst finish. Bottom line, if you want a really cool, vibey, huge neck, great sounding blues guitar at a great price that you can take to gigs to play, this is a great choice.
WAS $799.99, PRICE REDUCTION, NOW $675.00